About Us

The intention of The Disc-Retrievea is to create a unique store that caters to the disc golfing community. The shop is designed to bring the community together and promote the sport, as well as provide a service for retrieving lost discs. We intend to offer a wide range of disc golf equipment, including discs, bags, baskets, and accessories from all the leading brands. Initially, the store will be run by Matthew Besel, who can offer valuable advice and guidance to customers. Additionally, we will continue to contact the owners of rescued discs and will eventually maintain an online database of lost discs, which customers can search to retrieve their lost discs. We will also hosts events with the help of Kevin Herrington, including tournaments, clinics, and workshops, to promote the sport and bring the community together. Kevin is a trained coach with 20+ years experience, and has been integral in developing the Oldsmar Disc Golf Club and working with the city to maintain the course at Sheffield Park. Overall, The Disc-Retrievea strives to be an essential hub for the disc golfing community in Oldsmar and beyond.